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Lost your WordPress Administrator password? — February 3, 2015

Lost your WordPress Administrator password?

This happens a lot on the web hosting world:

  • clients loose their WordPress password
  • clients forget their WordPress Administrator username
  • clients setup an email and they no longer have access to it to do the password reset
  • WordPress of the client can’t send email notifications because its being blocked by the anti spam filters.

Before we start, I want to point out that this tutorial is done with the tools that Site5 provides. So this tutorial assumes that you have all the following:

  • Active Domain, subdomain or Temporary URL (extremely necessary)
  • Active Site5 Web hosting account
  • Backstage access
  • SiteAdmin or cPanel access
  • WordPress previously installed
  1. Find what is the database name of your WordPress installation.
    • Via FTP or File Manager go to your the folder where you installed WordPress, for example to /home/username/public_html/ and look for the file wp-config.php (select the file and then click on the edit button of the File Manager toolbar) and look for these lines:
      /** The name of the database for WordPress */
      define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘example_wp355’);Where example_wp355 is your database name.File Manager
  2. Go to your Backstage >> SiteAdmin >> Databases >> PHPMyAdminphpMyAdmin
  3. Look for the example_wp355 database, and then for table wp_usersphpMyAdmin

Once that you are on the wp_users table, you should see all the username details. On this particular case I only have one user that is admin as you can see on the screenshot below:

admin user

  1. Now to change the password, click on the Edit button for the username that you want to modify.
  2. On the new screen you will be able to edit all the details of that username, but on this particular case we ONLY care to change the password. So go to the user_pass field, click on the dropdown and select MD5 and on the input field next to it, simply type the password that you want to set. Once you are finished, click on the Go button.change_wordpress_password

And that is all, now you should be able to login to your WordPress with the password we recently set for that account. If you need assistance, let me know on my contact me page.

Below are more resources regarding password resets:

6 months working for WWWH — January 7, 2015

6 months working for WWWH

It seems really fast how this 6 months flied by. Before joining the amazing, 100% remote team of WWWH, I was working for a pretty fast paced web development firm based out from Monterrey, Mexico called Iliux. I made the switch since I have been wanting to work for WWWH for about two years but timing was never there.


I had been using their reseller services and shared hosting services of one of their brands,, for the past 6 years and I was really in love with their service and their support. Its was thru them that I met cPanel, and learned how to use it and started providing support for other customers when I became I reseller with a venture I started named Top Host LLC.

I can say now after some months I have learned a lot from how cPanel infrastructure work and I have improved my troubleshooting skills for web errors (Apache, PHP, WordPress, etc) and usual errors that customers face on a daily basis.

What the future holds ? Well I’m really looking forward to my 6 months performance review to set a road map so I can keep growing within the company while keep providing awesome support to all of WWWH & customers.


The company is so incredibly growing that we are always looking for staff members to join this 100% remote workforce company, so if you’d like to work from home, this is your opportunity be sure to visit our careers page.

So what can you expect of my blog and my posts? Well I will be posting some cPanel information based on my experience with customers, will be creating small tutorials on how to fix things with WordPress, Google Apps, git, ruby, etc.

If you’d like me to post something specific, be sure to drop me a note via my contact me page.

That is all for now folks!

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