Troubleshooting WordPress. Part 1.

In November this year, it will be 3 years since I joined the team, which for me is honestly an incredible milestone. Last year, I was promoted to Senior Support Engineer and Malware Specialist and this year I was moved to Malware & Abuse Engineer, a title that I am loving and that represents […]

PageSpeed: El Unicornio que todos quieren domar. Episodio #1

Hola! Les comparto el primer video de una serie de Conversaciones entre Amigos, donde vamos a compartir y hablar sobre temas diversos en un formato de debate e intercambio de opinión sobre distintos temas del mundo web. Les comparto los links en dos formatos, en Video en YouTube y en sonido en formato de PodCast: […]

Introduction to WordPress Security by Sucuri

Security on websites and mostly on WordPress which is on more than 29% of the entire internet, its crucial, preventive security is 10 times cheaper than proactive security. Below is an amazing and easy to follow infographic about WordPress Security by my favorite Website Security provider: Sucuri See the full infographic here:  

¿Cómo escoger un hosting para WordPress? Parte 1

Siempre en los grupos de usuarios de WordPress no falta alguien que siempre pregunte: ¿Que hosting me recomiendan para mi sitio WordPress? Luego siempre saltan los fanboys a recomendar el hosting que ellos usan sin antes tener datos que te permitan responder responsablemente la pregunta. Y muchas veces genera frustración en los usuarios cuando contratan […]

#BlogsNI – Festival de Blogs de Nicaragua

What is #BlogsNI? Next week, I set sail to the #BlogsNI, which is Nicaragua’s Blogs Festival. An event oriented to talk about the local nicaraguan blogosphere, a review of the past, present and future. The event will hold different local experts from Social Communication, Marketing and Technology, What I would be doing on #BlogsNI? I […]

How websites get hacked? And WordPress meetup Managua

On May, I had the opportunity to participate on Desarrolladores WordPress Nicaragua (You can find them facebook & meetup ) monthly meetup. Both my business partner and co-founder of and myself gave talks. While I talked about How Websites get Hacked, Kharron talked about Developing a Mobile App using WordPress as the backend. My presentation […]

Top 5 WordPress Tools for any WordPress Developer

As a professional working on WordPress sites, I wanted to share what are the tools that I use on my day to day WordPress Development and Management tasks, I hope these tools will make your life easier, as they did to me, so without further comments, let’s begin: Chrome Developer Tools It’s incredible that many […]

Happy 2016 & update WordPress!

It’s January, it’s 2016. If your site survived the holidays without going down or getting hacked, Congratulations! If you are not aware WordPress recently released an update, which honestly is just a maintenance and security update to fix 52 bugs from WordPress 4.4 aka Clifford which was released on December 2015. So if you want to […]

WordPress and admin-ajax.php

In past articles I have shared with you what I consider the Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Shared Hosting but I must admit that I forgot about this one. It  was only after assisting customers from Site5 that I remembered that I had forgotten to add this important plugin as it causes severe damage sometimes. What is the […]