Tigo Nicaragua & Movistar Nicaragua

https://youtu.be/CiZbO2MSgrM Les comparto un video que nació de unos comentarios y preguntas que se generaron en el video de Claro Nicaragua vs Tigo Nicaragua que hice hace unos meses. Este video hasta el día de hoy, lleva más de 9500 vistas. Para celebrar, quise hacer un video nuevo. Este video tiene un poco más de […]

From Managua to Miami, Orlando & Tampa

Every once in a while you need some vacations right? Well this is the story of how I kept my cost low using internet deals and other websites. Plane tickets To buy a cheap plane ticket you have 2 options, you buy it online either on Kayak or CheapoAir (expedia.com is another good option)or you use […]

Moving to a new house without fixed internet is a bad idea!

So you remember the excitement about moving to a new house? all the anxiousness? the energy? the fairy dust? the happy cry? Meeting the neighbors? Unpacking your stuff? Arranging the kids’ rooms? Thinking of an inauguration party? Well that is all fine and dandy… BUT! what about when you get to the real world and you […]