WordPress Security: your responsibility as a website owner

As part of my job, I help customers on a daily basis to overcome hacks, defacement and malware infections on their WordPress. Most of them are just business owners or WordPress developers who don’t mind much about security. A website is like a car, if you don’t do regular maintenance then you can’t expect it […]

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com – An Idiot’s Guide

For you that are starting with WordPress and you are trying this on your own, let me help you on clarifying this: WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is built on PHP (one of the most popular programming languages, see php.net for more info) and using MySQL as the database to store your […]

Happy 2016 & update WordPress!

It’s January, it’s 2016. If your site survived the holidays without going down or getting hacked, Congratulations! If you are not aware WordPress recently released an update, which honestly is just a maintenance and security update to fix 52 bugs from WordPress 4.4 aka Clifford which was released on December 2015. So if you want to […]

Overcoming the WordPress’ white screen of death

Yesterday’s incident with La Prensa Nicaragua reminded me that I wanted to write about this 6 months ago. So I took some time and wrote this up. I really hope this helps someone. If you have ever played with WordPress, plugins and themes a bit, it is very likely that you have faced the dreadful […]

WordPress and admin-ajax.php

In past articles I have shared with you what I consider the Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Shared Hosting but I must admit that I forgot about this one. It  was only after assisting customers from Site5 that I remembered that I had forgotten to add this important plugin as it causes severe damage sometimes. What is the […]

WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities

This is for all of you WordPress users. Recently a lot of vulnerabilities were discovered which allow hackers and script kiddies to have access to your website if you are running outdated versions of all the following plugins: Jetpack WordPress SEO Google Analytics by Yoast All In one SEO Gravity Forms Multiple Plugins from Easy […]

5 MUST HAVE Plugins for WordPress on Shared Hosting plans

I’m back 🙂 This time I have over 7 months working for Site5.com. I have been able to interact with probably more than 1 thousand customers and helped them on their issues. Most of them have no HTML or Security expertise and are regular folks like you and me trying to get on the digital […]

Lost your WordPress Administrator password?

This happens a lot on the web hosting world: clients loose their WordPress password clients forget their Wordpress Administrator username clients setup an email and they no longer have access to it to do the password reset WordPress of the client can’t send email notifications because its being blocked by the anti spam filters. Before we start, […]