Tigo Nicaragua & Movistar Nicaragua

https://youtu.be/CiZbO2MSgrM Les comparto un video que nació de unos comentarios y preguntas que se generaron en el video de Claro Nicaragua vs Tigo Nicaragua que hice hace unos meses. Este video hasta el día de hoy, lleva más de 9500 vistas. Para celebrar, quise hacer un video nuevo. Este video tiene un poco más de […]

Tigo vs Claro en Nicaragua – mi experiencia

Esta semana decidí hacer un corto video explicando mi experiencia al pasarme de Claro Nicaragua a los nuevos servicios residenciales de Tigo Les comparto el video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVRtkIB3oic   Cualquier pregunta o comentario, lo pueden hacer en YouTube, en ésta misma página o públicamente en Twitter @riper81  

FREE Apps that I NEED on my MacOS computers

Chrome It’s my go-to browser. I can publicly confirm that I don’t have love for Safari (#DieSafariDie) or Opera (#OperaWho?). I use Google’s Chrome as my personal browser and I use Firefox for work. Yes I keep my personal and work life separate and you should too. However Chrome is far from perfect, so I […]

The Internet is hating the New Macbook

Yes! Apple might make wonderful and appealing devices, but the latest computer, the so called “New Macbook” is provoking a lot of negative comments. This comes in par after my previous post from yesterday about The New Macbook. It seems consumers are now able to see beyond the Apple awesome marketing and careful design speeches. Below […]

The new Macbook pretty and slow

The world already knows the new Macbook, which is not neither a Macbook Air nor a Macbook Pro. It’s the THINNEST Macbook Apple has ever built. Bigger keyboard with new technology. The Pro’s The thinnest and lightest Macbook ever built. The most energy efficient screen. USB-C Apple has always been a pioneer on new technology […]