Un nuevo experimento: Conversaciones entre amigos

Luego de meses de conversaciones con familiares, amigos y conocidos relacionados al mundo web. Logré sacar el tiempo para poder planificar los primeros episodios de un VLOG & PodCast para poder conversar, debatir y compartir sobre temas relacionados la mundo web y del marketing general. El giro de esta iniciativa no es para ser una […]

Colaboración con La Prensa sobre sitio web de Policía Nacional

Ayer tuve la oportunidad de colaborar con un editor del periódico La Prensa, durante esta colaboración analicé el exterior del servidor y sitio web de Trámites Online de Policía Nacional, abajo el artículo completo http://www.laprensa.com.ni/2017/06/21/nacionales/2250107-miles-datos-personales-riesgo-sitio-web-la-policia-nacional

WP Nicaragua: walking towards a WordCamp in Nicaragua on 2017

First I must admit that I love that as part of my job in Sucuri I get to  assist to WordPress events like WordCamps. I had the opportunity to assist the first WP Campus in Sarasota, Florida. This event was for all the Universities and other Higher Education entities that use WordPress on their campus for […]

Top 5 WordPress Tools for any WordPress Developer

As a professional working on WordPress sites, I wanted to share what are the tools that I use on my day to day WordPress Development and Management tasks, I hope these tools will make your life easier, as they did to me, so without further comments, let’s begin: Chrome Developer Tools It’s incredible that many […]

WordPress Security: your responsibility as a website owner

As part of my job, I help customers on a daily basis to overcome hacks, defacement and malware infections on their WordPress. Most of them are just business owners or WordPress developers who don’t mind much about security. A website is like a car, if you don’t do regular maintenance then you can’t expect it […]

Upgrading to Debian Jessie 8.3

Recently I became aware that there was an update to my favorite Linux, Debian. I have been using Debian Jessie 8.2 on my laptop (Dell XPS 14) since it came out and honestly I did not have any problems at all. But recently I was requested to install a Linux server for a small app […]

Happy 2016 & update WordPress!

It’s January, it’s 2016. If your site survived the holidays without going down or getting hacked, Congratulations! If you are not aware WordPress recently released an update, which honestly is just a maintenance and security update to fix 52 bugs from WordPress 4.4 aka Clifford which was released on December 2015. So if you want to […]

WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities

This is for all of you WordPress users. Recently a lot of vulnerabilities were discovered which allow hackers and script kiddies to have access to your website if you are running outdated versions of all the following plugins: Jetpack WordPress SEO Google Analytics by Yoast All In one SEO Gravity Forms Multiple Plugins from Easy […]