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WordPress Administrado vs Alojamiento Compartido #WCSJO2018 — July 23, 2018

WordPress Administrado vs Alojamiento Compartido #WCSJO2018

El día de ayer, Domingo 22 de Julio del 2018, me uní a más de 700 personas para ser parte del tercer WordCamp de Costa Rica.  El evento estuvo super concurrido y con asistentes de Argentina, España, Estados Unidos, Guatemala, El Salvador y siempre miembros de la Comunidad WordPress de Nicaragua.

En esta última edición me tocó hablar sobre las diferencias entre el WordPress Administrado y el Alojamiento Compartido, abajo les dejo mi presentación

Listas Negras: ¿Qué son y como afectan tu sitio web? — June 11, 2017

Listas Negras: ¿Qué son y como afectan tu sitio web?

Roberto Remedios – WP-CLI @ WordCamp Managua 2017 — June 5, 2017
Entrevistando Speakers del WordCamp Managua 2017 – Danny Mora —
Entrevistando Speakers – Tony Dinarte @ WordCamp Managua 2017 —
Entrevista WordCamp Managua 2017 – El Nuevo Diario — May 23, 2017

Entrevista WordCamp Managua 2017 – El Nuevo Diario

Les comparto mi entrevista con El Nuevo Diario cuando platicabamos sobre WordCamp Managua 2017:

WordCamp Managua 2017 – Canal 6 Nicaragua — May 8, 2017
WordCamp Miami 2017 Interview — April 5, 2017

WordCamp Miami 2017 Interview

I gave this interview during #WCMIA2017 where I share 3 tips to keep your website secure! Enjoy!

WP Nicaragua: walking towards a WordCamp in Nicaragua on 2017 — August 25, 2016

WP Nicaragua: walking towards a WordCamp in Nicaragua on 2017

First I must admit that I love that as part of my job in Sucuri I get to  assist to WordPress events like WordCamps. I had the opportunity to assist the first WP Campus in Sarasota, Florida. This event was for all the Universities and other Higher Education entities that use WordPress on their campus for their websites. It was pretty cool to see all the talks from Developers from 10up, Modern Tribe,, WP Engine, Pantheon and other companies which made the event possible.

This year, I met the organizer of the Costa Rica WordPress group , Roberto Remedios, and I had the opportunity to give a talk remotely to their group, and after that I realized that he was organizing the WordCamp San Jose, Costa Rica 2016 and I offered my assistance as a volunteer and to speak at the event.

WordCamp Nicaragua 2014 – Suyapa Beach, Las Peñitas

As a Nicaraguan, I’m truly excited to have a WordCamp in Central America. We did hold a WordCamp here in Nicaragua in 2014 and also in 2013, and we will he hosting a DrupalCon as well on Nicaragua this year, but I don’t have much details for now, but I will make a post as soon as I get all the inside scoop.

This year we are trying to push for at least a monthly meetup in our Managua WordPress Group, and we have had a good discipline and have held all the following meetups:

And this month we will held another, to keep meeting and sharing good practices and cool new tricks about WordPress, come and join us:

The ultimate goal, for us as a group/community is to hold a WordCamp next year, so we do not compete with Costa Rica for speakers or sponsors. So we are meeting regularly and have started the talk about who would volunteer to help organize such event in Nicaragua, so we can plan ahead, and have a great event as well as a good attendance from other Central American countries like Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

If you would like to help organize, speak or sponsor our event, you can contact me, or go to our MeetUp page and click on contact:

We are going to try to push for WordCamp Nicaragua, WordCamp Costa Rica and then WordCamp El Salvador, and hopefully in 2018, hold our very first WordCamp CentralAmerica, were we can gather as a region instead of separate small countries so we can have a higher traction in assistance and sponsorship!

If you are from Guatemala or Honduras, and need help on setting up your WordPress community or want to be part of the WordCamp CentralAmerica, ping me on twitter or email me. I will be cool to gather as one!

I look forward to your comments!

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