My 3 most hated IT related movies

Hackers First movie on which I saw Angelina Jolie, I loved the many references to the hacking books and social engineering (loved it). But the 3D hacking? Seriously???? the Cookie Virus. Loved the nicknames which bring good memories from the good old mIRC times. Visit Hackers on IMDB The Net There is perhaps ONLY one […]

Stream from your Mac via DLNA to your Roku (or any other DLNA capable device)

I have a Mac which is my primary computer. But I also have a Dell XPS with Windows on it. Windows has DLNA built in, so you can stream it to any DLNA capable device such as SmartTVs, tablets, gaming consoles, smartphones, etc. So streaming a video from my Windows computer to my Roku or […]

Lost your WordPress Administrator password?

This happens a lot on the web hosting world: clients loose their WordPress password clients forget their Wordpress Administrator username clients setup an email and they no longer have access to it to do the password reset WordPress of the client can’t send email notifications because its being blocked by the anti spam filters. Before we start, […]

Apple’s slimmest MacBook Air yet launching by the end of March

It’s really going to be tough to make switch from Macbook Pro 13″ Retina, to a Macbook Air even if its 12″. But is always cool to see the full lineup and new computer designs. Just like Dell did with the new XPS 13, although I still love the late Dell XPS 14. Designs must […]

FileZilla and cPanel based servers – the issue and solution

As I have shared in past blog posts, I currently work for and as part of my job I help customers from the over 6 million websites hosted to solve some issues.

Recently one of the most used FTP applications, FileZilla, was updated. Unfortunately this new version literally broke the ability to connect to their FTP for many users of cPanel based hosting such as So I am doing this post as a tutorial to try to help all those people who are facing this exact same issue with their providers and FileZilla.

Moving to a new house without fixed internet is a bad idea!

So you remember the excitement about moving to a new house? all the anxiousness? the energy? the fairy dust? the happy cry? Meeting the neighbors? Unpacking your stuff? Arranging the kids’ rooms? Thinking of an inauguration party? Well that is all fine and dandy… BUT! what about when you get to the real world and you […]