Life is a journey. You walk a path, you walk every day and along the way you learn valuable lessons. 

In my professional life, I have never stopped learning, I always try to teach myself more things about my roles and duties and try to expand my knowledge to be of further assistance or to have a better view of the bigger picture.

When I joined Sucuri, I was coming from Site5, where I was already fixing and trying to remove malware from websites. During my tenure in Sucuri, I strengthen my knowledge about malware and educated may people through talks on Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Miami.

Security awareness was something that I have really enjoyed since I was a teenager playing with Red Hat 4.8, and learning CCNA. After that, my roles as Webmaster, IT Manager, IT Operations Manager, System Administrator, and Support Engineer were always involved in defining or implementing a Security Policies in Corporate and Start-Up environments.

Since I joined almost 3 years ago. I have helped on improving malware scans and detection. And now that I was promoted to the Malware & Abuse Engineer role, my focus is solely on Security and Compliance of our ToS (Terms of Service). So I bought this to prepare for this next chapter.

The CISSP Certification, is the industry standard for IT Security Professionals. And I am studying for it 🙂

Wish me luck!

Published by Sal Aguilar

IT Pro that focuses in solving problems and providing solutions for customers.

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