Today, we moved into our new apartment in Costa Rica, our new home away from our home, #Nicaragua.

We’ve been talking a lot in the past about trying to live on a different country than our own. But due to family, work and finances we never made the decision to do it.

Last week after more than 50 Days of Protests, Riots and Government sponsored attacks against our people, we decided to live for a few months apart from our madness. I was with high blood pressure all the time due to the attacks and uncertainty and lack of safety for my family. I was constantly taking anxiety pills to control my humor and blood pressure. My wife was stressed, crying and worried for our new born and her wellbeing.

We decided for Costa Rica with our broken hearts for leaving our country, but thinking only on our kids well being, we got our bags together and left our life, our house, our comfort, our cars, our sisters and brothers behind.

We purchased the tickets in COPA and decided to stay in Costa Rica for 3 months, with hopes that we can return to Nicaragua in less than that. We got ourselves an apartment with the help of our good friend Alejandro from a talented photographer, video editor and web developer.  He picked us up from the airport and hosted us on his house along with his lovely family for a couple of days. We feel blessed to have you guys as our friends. Much love and blessings to you all.

Our kids are missing home, we can tell. We too are missing Nicaragua. But now they are safe. I still wait for my eldest son, who stayed behind with his mom and stepdad. I think of him every day, several times a day. I miss him.

I’m still working, I’m honestly grateful for working for, which allow me to work from anywhere in the world and have made changes to allow me some time to take care of my family and get settled and keep them safe. Thanks Jon and the entire #Kinsta Team. We are forever grateful for your help!

I am now again working, helping people with web problems and I have part of my family safe. I am sure Nicaragua will get thru this, we are a courageous country. We got this.

If you want to know more about what is going on in Nicaragua follow this hashtags on Twitter:




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