What is #BlogsNI?

Next week, I set sail to the #BlogsNI, which is Nicaragua’s Blogs Festival. An event oriented to talk about the local nicaraguan blogosphere, a review of the past, present and future. The event will hold different local experts from Social Communication, Marketing and Technology,

What I would be doing on #BlogsNI?

I was invited by the organizers to participate on the event on the technology side of things. After all I’m an IT guy that loves teaching about WordPress. I will represent Sucuri (talk to me if you need help with WordPress & Website Security) and I will be giving a talk about WordPress and e-Commerce and I will give a WorkShop about Advanced WordPress. Below is the full agenda and the banner for my workshop.

#blogsni - agenda

Join my workshop if you want to learn further about WordPress!

#BlogsNi - Advanced WordPress

More info on the event:


  • September 21 – #BlogsNI Workshops
  • September 22 – #BlogsNI Talks


Universidad Centro Americana. UCA. Managua, Nicaragua.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FestivalBlogsNicaragua

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/646689258837645/

Be sure to contact me if you want to setup some time to talk!



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