Yes, I went to California back in May for work, and a couple of days after I came back to Nicaragua, I received a call from BAC Credomatic, the guy who called me identified himself as part of their Security group. It was odd why was my credit card issuer’s security department calling me ?

He asked me if I was aware of some charges done to my card in Russia (I mentally shouted WHAAAT?????), I denied any charge and he informed be about  4 charges of which they only approved one for about USD 250 (ouch!). But that for security purposes they blocked the other 3 because I have never reported traveling to Russia, nor made any purchase there, EVER!

The representative informed me that the credit card was disabled and that they would issue a new one and send it to me in no more than 3 business days. It was Friday, so that meant that I would have the new card with me on Wednesday, which honestly was fine for me.

The very next dat, a Saturday, I went as requested to the nearest branch of BAC, and went to Customer Service and explained my case, the representative, filled out a form, printed it and then had me sign it. I was informed that in 45 days, I should have my money back (I mentally shouted YES!!!).

I honestly expected further bureaucracy, but was relieved that it wasn’t the case. I have another good reason why keep using BAC!

Please note that I do not have any special insurance, since as per VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX you do have 90 days to put a claim about a purchase you have not performed and they investigate and usually credit the money back to you. Unfortunately the business where the purchase was made will get a charge back on his statement, which is basically their merchant removing that amount of money plus a penalty which varies depending on the merchant.

Thank you VISA & BAC Credomatic, you have a happy customer 🙂

Published by Sal Aguilar

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