La Prensa is back and it’s new

Yup, the issues from yesterday were due to a change of providers.

DOAP is no longer managing the infrastructure and web services for them. They are now running it themselves.

What happened?

After 12 months of several issues with their provider, a slow website with a lot of issues, poor UI/UX, they decided to change.

  1. They kept WordPress but developed a theme in-house.
  2. They also kept AWS EC2 and are trying to implement CloudFront again.
  3. The developers were pushed/rushed into deploying the version that was scheduled for January due to the long list of issues with the previous provider.
  4. The site was not complete so there are still some bugs which the local Developer Community in Facebook is trying to report so they can fix it asap.


  1. Rushed development and deployment often come with a lot of bugs. But it’s better done than perfect.
  2. Better UI/UX this time and I only hope it gets better and gets to the high standard that El Nuevo Diario has set due to the awesome team of KronosCode.
  3. There are still a lot of bugs that have been inherited from the previous provider. They are still trying to patch things up.
  4. They really really need the caching layer, or they are going to pay a lot of money with a higher amount of EC2 instances.
  5. Some security measures are needed. Disable XMLRPC and protect wp-admin.
  6. Ah by the way their small sister site was also updated.

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