I know I did a post some time ago about My 3 most hated IT related movies. Well now its the counter part. This are my 2 favorite IT related & Hacker Movies.

Hackers 2: Takedown

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This movie is about one of my heroes, Kevin Mitnick. It tells the story of his computer hacking, social engineering and phreaking. That was really sweet to type and brings memories back while using mi 56K modem to connect to the internet via dialup. How can I forget that sweet baud noise of two machines doing a handshake to connect me to another world. This movie is a must see if you want to be a decent IT professional.


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This is indeed my favorite movie, you can see the Bill Gates look a like. Also you can see Linux on and real world hacking. It’s also interesting on the things they do. Its a really really good movie.

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