Yes, I’m sitting with my MBP connected to my TV waiting on the event to start on Have a cup of coffee to get that notch up. I want to be excited by new products, Apple is SO MUCH better than Samsung or anyone else in marketing and selling products. The should be teaching that stuff.

I run a MBP Retina 13″ late 2012, I cracked my screen when it was 3 months old. Same on me. But I love it’s awesome battery life, which I am told is MUCH better that nvidia based MBP and previous models. And the SSD drive on it make it snappier than my Dell XPS 14 that runs an i7 with a normal HD and same 8GB of RAM. So an update to the Macbook lineup can be a really awesome thing for me, since older models will have a price drop, yes!

Let’s see if I can go shopping after the event!!!

You can also follow the event here: