First movie on which I saw Angelina Jolie, I loved the many references to the hacking books and social engineering (loved it). But the 3D hacking? Seriously???? the Cookie Virus. Loved the nicknames which bring good memories from the good old mIRC times.

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The Net

There is perhaps ONLY one movie that I like from Sandra Bullock, but this one is not it (hint: it was The Proposal). On this one is just lame, how come they would not recognize that she was replaced by someone else who doesn’t even looks very similar to her. Insane. Only saw it once in myself and I regret wasting the time.

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I guess I’m going to be attacked for hating on the famous Matrix Trilogy. But I’m sorry, from the IT stand point, is pretty much diluted and not realistic. The concept itself it’s intriguing, but the fights or the way the teletransport via the land line is ridiculous. Below the trailer of the first Matrix.

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What other movies do you guys think should be on this list?