Hey, the fact that I live in Nicaragua, which is a 3rd world country and the 2nd poorest country on the continent doesn’t means we don’t have WiFi hotspots all over the city. We definitely have many but it’s sad that people don’t either know how to change the name of their SSID, or don’t have a sense of humor.

Below is a compilation of the ones that I like the most:

  • virus.exe
  • trade beer for wifi
  • bring beer and women
  • NoFreeInternetHere
  • My neighbors are thiefs
  • $10 an hour of internet
  • FBI Surveillance
  • NSA Listening Station
  • Pretty fly for a Wifi
  • Drop it like its hotspot
  • NoWifiForYou
  • Wifi causes Cancer
  • Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wifi
  • Pay and Use
  • Drop it like its hotspot

What about you guys any suggestion that should make this list?