Heavy Duty Gear and me

I thought I was the typical IT guy, locked in an office with A/C, internet, and lovely computers and network devices. Some one who would tinker with Windows Servers, Cisco Devices, Linux Servers and Cloud services such as Digital Ocean and AWS.

IT GuyI would get a call from time to time from clients to visit their offices since they were facing network issues, or their servers were simply unresponsive. Or maybe to have their Active Directory migrated or introduce another Domain Controller into the Forrest. Or any other shenanigan related to a Windows Server Infrastructure.

Some call me to help them on their VoIP infrastructure or services, I have helped them with Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco Call Manager and other SIP based services such as Kamailio & FreeSwitch. Whether is to setup a new VoIP provider, configure extensions, call groups or DIDs, I got them covered. Even worked on tracing SIP calls and escalated with their providers/carriers when necessary. Then predictive dialers became popular due to the growth of call centers in Nicaragua. So there I go to learn ViciDial or GoAutoDial so I could support those small call centers when needed.

IMG_0991But recently I have been awarded a contract to do some Site Surveys for a USA based company to his customer here in Nicaragua which has several branches in different locations. It has been an interesting experience since I was requested to use Security equipment such as Steel toe boots (good bye Nike Free sneakers), long sleeve shirts (good bye t-shirts with smart ass quotes), hard hat, security vest and a breathing protector to protect from dust.

It’s been a very interesting experience, brought back some good memories of my days in the “corporate america” work and all the policies and bureaucracy and even the corporate politics about who has more power on the company. I mean it was FUN.

I was able to see facilities with over 12 IDFs and all Cisco powered, which is really hard to see here due to the pricing on those babies. I even got a chance to see some of the newest Cisco Switches and routers that now show a white shell instead of the normal Cisco gray colored box.

I am really looking forward to finishing these Surveys and be able to visit the other facilities that I have not yet surveyed. Hopefully I get to visit them throughout this year.

So what do you guys think? is IT working with security equipment cool or just meh!

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