happy crySo you remember the excitement about moving to a new house? all the anxiousness? the energy? the fairy dust? the happy cry? Meeting the neighbors? Unpacking your stuff? Arranging the kids’ rooms? Thinking of an inauguration party?

Well that is all fine and dandy… BUT! what about when you get to the real world and you realize your Wimax USB Stick does not have a good signal in your room and your internet keeps dropping ? That might not be really important for the regular John Doe (or Juan Perez if you’re latino); but for me as an internet employee or remote worker (call it as you may want to call it), internet is crucial for me. My entire work for WWWH and Site5 is entirely dependent on internet. Without it I would not be able to help any of the over 5 million of websites that we currently host. No email, no live chat, no CRM, no Help Desk = NO WORK = FRUSTRATION!!!frustration

What do you do?

ios hotspotYou remember that you have a Movistar iPhone with an expensive data plan. You grab your iOS, unlock it (password only, all cool features are still locked, I hate my iPhone!) enable the hotspot feature via USB, plug your phone to your computer in high hopes that it will save the day. Your MTR starts showing proof of connectivity, your Airmail starts downloading emails. You breathe now. A sip to your glass of water and get ready to work.

You then, pretend to start working, ready to get some tickets or chats, but then you sadly realize that your internet is gone, again. It took me longer to actually enable Hotspot, connect the phone via the USB cable to the computer that what really lasted the connectivity.

Frustrated, you then unplug your phone to call your office in the USA and let them know that you are facing issues with your internet and apologize. After hanging up you then, grab the Wimax USB and plug it back to your computer. You decide to get back to the living room, so you get out of your room and to the sofa on the living room.


Internet comes back up, ping times on MTR show normal latency, email, live chat, help desk, all web tools load well; even skype is there. WHAT?

I quickly try to talk to my supervisor, he replies. Yes, I’m back baby!!! I start working on tickets pending and help customers with their issues. 2 hours later, the internet is still stable when I stay in my living room. Interesting.

Lessons learned that day:

  • Yota sucks. (Wimax USB modem provider)
  • Movistar iPhone Data plan sucks. (less than other cheaper plans, but still sucks, and its because of Movistar weak infrastructure, not due to the plan itself).
  • My room on the new house has some kind of internet protection or interference that prevented me from working from my room and bed. Or maybe God wants me to get an office space?
  • I really cared for my job. I was really worried for not being able to work.
  • Get a fixed internet plan or a wireless antenna based internet instead of trusting Yota & Movistar. I should have known better.

So what about you guys, what funny story happened with your internet or technology when you moved to a new house?