I hate my iPhone

Indeed I do. I have used Blackberry, then Android and recently (~6 months), the iPhone. I went ahead and got one motivated by the announced integration of the newest Mac OS X Yosemite with the iOS 8. It took 4-5 months to actually get to me, but after trying it I realized that it was just a hype. And I would have opted for an Android rather than iPhone, but well what is done is done.

So why do I hate it?

Geez, where do I start? Sure I know where: iOS is a locked OS.

iOS lockedLocked as in if the application is not approved by Apple and put on the App Store, then you can not install it on your phone. On my Android I could install any apk file that I got from a developer friend to try his app before he would push it to Google Play, but this is not the case with Apple. Don’t get me wrong I do understand that this is for improved security and all that crap; but hey I paid for my phone, I’m an IT guy, I really need more freedom on this thing. There should be a developer mode at least to disable all the red tape. Screw you Apple!

Next on my list, is the lack of customization. 

accessories_iphone_5c_case_colorsI want my phone to be me, reflect my personality, but no Apple, you only allow me to change the background image, and the tones. Android would let me install any Launcher I fricking want. But I’m stuck with the same icons day in, day out. That is NOT C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E for me. That is pure mockery. And to claim personalization to the phone Apple has taunted us with the infamous covers for the iPhone 5C. Really ? Instead of giving more freedom you just tell me to BUY MORE STUFF from you guys, genius, pure genius. So not main screen widgets, not possible to choose launchers. Grab a notepad Apple, please!

Battery life


image2fpngOh yes, I so much enjoyed Samsung Galaxy S5’s Wall Huggers commercial because sadly enough I saw myself on the video, constantly charging my iPhone and carrying the iPhone cable at home, on my car, at work; everywhere. I first started using an iPhone 5C then got hold of an iPhone 5S (with broken Touch ID, was a bargain, I didnt want to give my fingerprints anyways); but due to crappy battery life I turned back to my iPhone 5C. Is up to this day that I still carry the white cable around. Sad.

I do believe iOS is broken or its a bipolar OS

Smashed-Broken-iPhone-5s-screen-1000x544When you live in Nicaragua and have your cellphone plan and data iPhone data plan (USD 29.99 + tax) with Movistar Nicaragua you know you have crappy coverage and slow if any internet speed. So on my normal day while running errands around the city, I use Waze for iPhone. Suddenly I hear the beeep, a notification from my phone, I see the notification screen saying its a WhatsApp message from my brother. Cool. I then go to WhatsApp, and guess what? The message is not there. WhatsApp then starts trying to get all new messages and this can take from 20 seconds to a 1 minute, for me to see the message on the app itself that I already read on the notification center. And I don’t think this is a WhatsApp issue, because it does happen with email, Hangouts and even iMessage and Facebook.

But in honor of you guys, I can also say that there are somethings I like about it, but that would be a post for another day.

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